Welcome to the Hypertext Edition of

The Brain of Katherine Mansfield

Written by Bill Manhire
Illustrated by Gregory O'Brien
Hypertext version by Richard Easther and Jolisa Gracewood

You are just an ordinary New Zealander. One day, with nothing better to do, you enter a bookshop; your eye is caught by a book in a large display case. Interesting title: The Brain of Katherine Mansfield. And it's attractively designed and illustrated, too.

You leaf casually through the pages. Well, this really does look interesting. Creatures from outer space . . . a mysterious tattoo . . . magnificent scenic locations . . . secret caverns deep below Lake Te Anau . . . South Island mushroom farming . . . A dozen different endings . . .

Well . . . maybe not. Yet why do you feel that your whole life has been leading you to this very moment? What strange power is this book exerting on you? You reach out. You hesitate.

This is the moment of choice. It is up to you. You can put the book down now, walk quickly from the shop. Yet you hover, you hesitate. And yes! you were born to turn the pages of adventure! Your grip tightens on The Brain of Katherine Mansfield. Your heart thunders with anticipation . . .

Follow the underlined links, and choose your path through the story.